1. Procurement
Very known and respected in the market, BRMeat Romagna assists new coming exporters to develop and adequate plant and products for export standards and seeking sales.
Currently representatives of most respected companies in Brazil, BRMeat Romagna is active on markets of Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, African Continent, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East and Canada.
Our passionate work result in long-lasting relationship on win-win base, securing excellent quality products continuously.

2. Art development
BRMeat Romagna is also specialized in developing arts of bags and labels for factories when inquired.
With many years of experience developing arts, BRMeat Romagna can guarantee fast and precise results of arts for different destinations and languages.

3. Information Technology & Systems
Due to necessity of organization and experience, BRMeat Romagna has been developing an excellent data system to control commercial, operational and financial departments in a easy and integrated environment.
BRMeat Romagna data system is currently on 4th generation. First was in 1994 in MS-DOS, second in 1998 in Windows 3.11, third in 2002 in Windows 98/ME and currently new generation based on Windows Vista / 7. It has two main versions, Trading oriented and Factory oriented.